Just Can't Wait (For The Game To End)

by KEY OF E - An Apocalyptic Rock Musical By Andy Matchett

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Warnings through the centuries that there would come a day
Where forces clashed in mighty droves to blow the earth away
Yeah, I was there when the end of days descended on your town
I watched it from a distance and wrote everything down
I had a front row ticket when the skies began to fall
I saw the children screaming like JT was in the mall
A giant metal planet drifted just past the earth’s face
Close enough to rip Australia out into space
I watched a megapod of dolphins churn the ocean into foam
As the scientists stared in horror from the observation dome
I saw Cthulu break the surface with his tentacles ablaze
And the flesh drop like a waterfall from every Nazi face
There were lasers shooting around in the air
And babies bursting into flames everywhere
I saw the kings of ancient nations breach the grave to claim their crown
But no one really panicked til the internet went down

Yeah, I should go. But I can’t let it go.
I wanna watch the motherfucker explode!

Then Jesus dropped a cluster bomb and snatched up all the chicks
Zeus came down with a lightning bolt and shot us all in the dick
Corpses rained from the skies above and clogged up every creek
Sixteen hundred minotaurs just tearing up the street
An earthquake took out Canada but no one seemed to mind
Then lions & giraffes became genetically entwined
Begging to the skies they screamed enough is enough
Everyone expected zombies, but they never showed up

Yeah, I should go. But I can’t let it go.
I wanna watch the motherfucker explode!

No, I just can’t wait for the game to end, so we can start it again.

Well, I challenge you good people, take the blindfold of your face
And fight to see the beauty in this godforsaken place
Though some of you may glorify the ending of the days
And calculate with great detail your undeserved malaise
I’ll bet you couldn’t dream up even one deserving strife
To justify the ending of the whole of human life
Yet I read it every day upon your precious glowing screens
You bastards glorifying these Apocalyptic dreams

So fine. Let’s give it a go!
Let’s watch you motherfuckers explode!

No, I just can’t wait for the game to end, so we can start it again.


released April 18, 2013
Music & Lyrics - Andy Matchett
Production, Mixing and Engineering - Justin Beckler
Executive Prdoucer - Nick Baniewich
Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass and Vocals - Andy Matchett
Additional Bass & Guitar - Justin Beckler
Sound Effects Coordination - Justin Beckler & Andy Matchett



all rights reserved


Key Of E - An Apocalyptic Rock & Roll Musical Orlando, Florida

It’s the end of the world as he knows it, and Ethan’s feeling pretty fine. Except that he’s stuck on a desert island with a fractured psyche and a hangover. You want rock and roll? You got it. Comedy, drama, romance? Sure thing. Puppets? That’s a little weird, but we got you covered. This junk rock multimedia extravaganza has it all. ... more

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